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Directed by vienzenz, (D.O.P.)
Edited and mastered at vienzenz, June 2007

Shot on 16mm analog, 4min, 38sec, PAL, color, 4:3

Assistant to camera, second D.O.P., gaffer: Stefan Polasek
Make-up: Sissy Patek
Location (thanx to):
Arena Vienna, Elxe, The MS Company, the Church.
Archive: Karl Bretschneider, Christian Haake.

Produced by Paul Zasky & vienzenz for Troublecompressor Headquarter
Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved 2007

Song taken from the album "Immigration Dub" by Dubblestandart
Released on Collision Records/CCT 3015

Wadada (means love) written by Style Lincoln Scott, Adrian Maxwell Sherwood, B. Alexander
Produced by Paul Zasky & Robbie Ost at GoEast Studios Vienna 2007

Thanx to all supporting actors:
Johannes Maile, Susanna Bihari, Johannes Wolf, David Wurawa,
Courtney Jones, Nelson Etukudo, Jan Mierh, Dessislaff Pajakoff,
Ernesto de Miguel, 3gga, Andreas Machowetz, Valerie Tavcar,
Sissy Patek, Gabor Wild, Peter Podolsky, Emanuel Newekla,
René Newekla, Elenore Newekla, Truemann Chewstick, Zoé,
Dubblestandart Band.


Copyright © 2007.
All rights reserved.