„ . . . for me, art is like indescribable sex with the universe . . .“
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I take the brush in my hand, open my heart and let it happen. My art consists in letting myself be guided by the universe and deep pure love.
My art is ardent love in matter. It is like the quantum physicist "Hans Peter Dürr" said: “The groove on a record shows only material shapes, but in this shape in this groove there is an incredible amount of information hidden. That makes a needle vibrate, and that frequency contains a huge spectrum of information. We can pick it up through our ears and decipher it in our head so that we perceive an entire orchestra. And if you have the right key, you can crack this code. " This is exactly how I see it in the pyramids of Giza. There is matter in the middle of the desert and we are still trying to decipher this form. But the information lies in the vibration that these forms emit in this constellation. You can feel it, perceive it. We only need the key to crack this code. And it obvious in the divine. In trust in the universe. In true love. And that's exactly how it is with my art. Whoever has the key to the divine, listens to the universe and follows his heart, can perceive and feel all the love in my art through the vibration it sends. Because everything I create is inspired by love and I create all my works because of pure and true love. It's always the story behind the artwork that makes it special.
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the healing soulgaze of the goddess of love „ … creating for me is a pure transformation of energy.  It is main-fixed in matter that stores this energy and  sends it on. The works of art vibrate at this frequency. It contains a rich spectrum of information, feelings,  energy, stories and pure love that is stored in the work  of art but can be deciphered due to the vibration.  If you can crack the code of the frequency you will  learn what information this work of art has stored in  itself. It makes you remember something that has long  been there and the energy in my works is always love. My assignment is inspiration … „